Wood Species

The Beginning

Born and raised in Trentino, Italy, in a valley with 60 million trees, we have a natural affinity for our raw material. We are enthusiastic supporters of the Il Legno di Fiemme Consortium, an organisation created to protect Fiemme’s natural heritage, which is part of our DNA.

As a small company, we were able to use local wood species to make our products. Now that Valfiemme has grown internationally, we take care of the land in other ways because our need for timber, together with other companies’ needs, would be too much for the valley to sustain.

For this reason, in recent years, we have been sourcing from large Austrian forests, cousins to the woods of the Fiemme Valley and equally lush and healthy. Responsibly managed and PEFC certified, these forests are capable of sustaining the quantity and quality we need to consistently provide the best production performance and continue to meet deadlines.

We are also investing in the large, robust, healthy larch forests of Siberia as another supply channel.


All wood species are available in two finishes, which we can alternate if, for example, you want different aesthetics for exterior architecture and interior furnishings.

  • Straight grain

    linear, without visible knots, for a more minimalistic and elegant style.

    • abete rigatino
      Fir Straight
    • larice rigatino
      Alpine larch straight
    • larice siberiano rigatino
      Siberian larch Straight
  • Knotty grain

    With prominent knots and natural wood imperfections, for a more rustic style.

    • abete nodoso copia
      Fir Knotty
    • larice nodoso copia
      Alpine larch Knotty
    • cirmolo nodoso copia
      Swiss pine Knotty