Blockboard profiles

for interior doors, front doors and sliding doors

Blockboard can be made of fir or larch, straight or knotty grain.
Our blockboard product meets the need for a stable material that is easy to process. The internal core is made of jointed strips, joined to the exterior sides by a whole straight grain strip. The resulting product is then combined in external folders of variable size and wood species.The resulting product is then joined together on the outside with veneers of different sizes and wood species.

This construction technique gives the product strength and stability ideal for making interior doors, front doors and sliding doors, including large ones.

We manufacture our blockboard according to the main European standards for size and construction specifications, but our experience as craftsmen allows us to produce variations and tailor-made products to meet any construction or aesthetic need. Standard size products are always available in stock, while each custom order is made based on the customer’s specifications and according to agreed deadlines.

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