Made in Fiemme

Valfiemme Legnami was founded 50 years ago.
From the small, family-run sawmill started in 1972 by Antonio Giacomuzzi in Ziano, Italy to a global wood industry with 42,000 square meters of facilities between Trentino and Alto Adige, a growth path that has been able to instil all the experience of craftsmen born and raised in the woods of the Fiemme Valley into the rigour and reliability of the industrial chain.

Natural Intelligence

We transform the best wood into top-quality profiles: laminates for doors and windows — available in all the wood species in the catalogue — and fir and larch blockboard for doors and sliders. We accept custom orders, working directly with manufacturers and designers, providing custom products that are strong, stable, and beautiful. We also work according to the main European size and construction standards, offering high quality at prices that are competitive with other businesses that cater to the construction and carpentry industry.

Added Value

We have always been a family first and foremost! Ours is a close-knit team that keeps growing, working to ensure that industry reliability continues to reflect the spirit and value of our craftsman origins. Highly qualified professionals work in complete safety, using the most advanced technology to guarantee speed, precision, and a superior finished product. Our supply chain is well organized, right down to the logistics, thanks to our efficient fleet.


We were born and raised among the trees, so minimizing our impact on the environment is an important part of our commitment. We only use wood from PEFC certified forests and green energy from our solar plant, and we load our transport vehicles to capacity. Not a single ounce of raw material goes to waste because scraps become sawdust to produce pellets and animal hygiene products or wood chips for heating fuel.