Laminated profiles

for doors and windows

We offer a wide range of laminated profiles for doors and windows in all the wood species in the catalogue, straight or knotty grain. Slats are carefully selected by type and quality through the combined work of skilled workers and latest-generation mechanical optimizers, discarding any with structural or fibre defects. They are perfectly planed to obtain a surface suitable for the best possible bonding.

We store slats at a temperature and humidity consistent with the bonding area to guarantee a flawless finished product.

All our laminates for doors and windows comply scrupulously with CATAS quality standards.
Since they are durability class D4, they are especially moisture resistant and suitable for outdoor use. During processing, laminates have a moisture content of 10% +/-2% and do not differ in thickness by more than +/-0.1 mm.

We manufacture our laminated profiles according to the main European standards for size and construction specifications, but our experience as craftsmen allows us to produce variations and tailor-made products to meet any construction or aesthetic need. Standard size products are always available in stock, while each custom order is made based on the customer’s specifications and according to agreed deadlines.

profili lamellari
profili lamellari mob